Progressive cavity pumps SUBTOR
Subtor is a private owned company with factories in the south of Germany, in China and with a sales and technology center in middle America.
We are producing single screw pumps and providing products and services for manufactures of positive displacement pumps, mud-motors and spare parts especially for rotor and stator technology and applications always following the Moineau principals.
We are independent and our products are customized on demand – Confidentiality is our concept.
Our strength is to be experienced with this technology for moreover 25 years and to invite new ideas and technologies. Beside the wide knowledge of the functional principals and the applications of this technique we are using not only our own rubber formulations, we are designing and producing the rotor geometries with our own manufacturing know how.
A worldwide network of sub suppliers and resources lay the foundation of our state of the art solutions and products.
The introduction of new technologies and the support to introduce them to the market is our key element of support. That means – Technology and relationship to the current state of technology and the knowledge about were you will find engineered products to
  • increase safety,
  • decrease costs and
  • maximize efficiency