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Smart Water Injection Systems

Digital Oilfield


Digital Oil field
Smart Water Injection Systems
SITAN ZCF – 100 smart injection system can realize accurate separated layer water injection for water well. 
SITAN ZCF-100 smart injection system can perform measuring and regulating fluid flow automatically without human intervention.
SITAN ZCF-100 smart water injection system consists of a surface controller and downhole smart distribution string.
The downhole smart distribution string is composed of a downhole measuring-regulating smart distributor (including a main body, a measuring-regulating adjustable nozzle, a controlling circuit, a communication module, a sealing test pressure gauge, a flowmeter, a temperature meter 0, a packer (through casing), a ball seat, cables and tubing, etc. 
The surface controller includes an explosion-proof equipment and applicable for offshore oil field.
Smart Digital Oilfield Systems
SITAN smart digital oilfield system is a set of automatic and intelligent all-weather unattended data analysis of oilfield system that integrates testing, microelectronics, electric power, computer and communication network technology. 
This smart digital oilfield system can remotely monitor current, voltage, casing pressure, back pressure, power factor, indicator diagram, liquid and three-phase flowing measurement and other parameters in real-time, providing a reliable basis for the scientific management of oil wells.
1. Indicator diagram inspection of pumping unit
2. Down hole fluid level Detecting
3. Pressure monitoring of tubing and casing
4. Fluid level inspection of oil storage tank and water storage tank
5. Gas flow
6. Liquid flow
7. Downhole Pump Condition Intelligent Diagnosis
8. Pumping unit remote start and stop
9. Wellsite remote video and voice
10. Wellsite personnel enter the alarm
11. Oil Well Intelligent Warning Based on Big Data Analysis


Smart Oil Production Systems
SITAN FPC-100 smart oil production systems is applicable for layered oil production of oil field and oil well, realizing the goal of controllable recovery of each layer and directly obtaining layered data of oil well, which offers true and dynamic monitoring data for field development.
SITAN FPC-100 smart oil production systems is made up of computer, surface controller and downhole layered allocation working barrel.
Layered allocation working barrel is installed in each fluid producing layer, and the interlayer is separated by cable packer. 
The surface controller communicates with layered allocation working barrel by cable, which can monitor fluid production information such as down hole temperature, pressure inside/outside pipe, flow and water content of each layer in real time for long period. 
When the FPC-100 smart oil production systems measures the flow of current layer to find main production layer and high aquifer, then the FPC-100 smart oil production systems can adjust the opening of down hole layered nozzle according to surface order to achieve the function of opening, closing and layered allocation.